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How to Win More Games in Madden 13

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How to Win More Games in Madden 13

Post by GREENERRRR on Fri Oct 12, 2012 9:54 pm

This article is reproduced with permnission from our friends at and was written by orp967

(1) Learn about football and NOT how to play Madden.

There’s a difference, a big difference. Even general football IQ will take you from a 500 to 600 player in a few days. It’s all about match-ups and beating coverages; what works against man-to-man, how to beat a cover 2, 3, 4, how to look for and beat a blitz etc.

DON’T go on youtube and other websites looking for supposed money plays and stuff. Most people posting videos are just trying to get people with little football knowledge to subscribe to and buy their shit. I was watching a video of a supposed money play, but the real reason why it worked was because the guy put the defense in a 3-4 (4 LB’s) against 4 WR’s creating mismatches. It also looked like it was on rookie level. I scrolled down through the comments and people were praising him and thanking him for this play.

Let me guess? You watched a video of a few money plays and tried it online with no success. That’s because good players with football IQ will match-up DB’s against your WR’s and start mixing the coverages and bye bye “money play.” This is the difference in learning about football v. how to play Madden.

(2) Consider your and your opponents personnel.

This is actually where I’m surprised the most. Most players don’t really understand how to successfully utilize a teams talent but more importantly disguise a teams flaws. I typically play with the Giants and one of their biggest weaknesses in the game is their offensive line. If passing it, I typically have about 3 seconds, if that, before getting sacked. Therefore I created an offensive scheme based heavily on the run, quick passes and screens.

On the other hand my defensive line is sick! But I’m always surprised at seeing people drop back like they have all the time in the world to throw. Hello, you’re playing against the Giants! When I got serious about winning, I would have my laptop next to me and would Google the other teams depth chart and check out their personnel, who to avoid, who to pick on etc.

The best exploit in this years Madden on offense is the TE v. LB; if he’s man-to-man he’ll get open almost every time. Be careful though smart players, like myself, will disguise a corner on him.


This to me is the key to being a successful Madden player. The absolute first thing you should do is watch the defense break the huddle and how they set up. I like to watch how many linemen get into a three-point stance to recognize what kind of D he’s in and audible accordingly.

If you see a lot of shifting and moving going on then the opponent is most likely setting up some sort of blitz. Which is the next thing I do, look for a blitz and manage my protection scheme. Always, always, always do this when breaking the huddle every time even if the blitz isn’t coming (unless he’s in a prevent situation). Sometimes I’ll forget and sure enough the house is coming when I’m looking deep and get sacked for a big loss changing the entire drive.

Next, what I like to do is focus on one side of the field. I’m watching the safety, linebacker and DE on the side I want to go to. Some people on here are claiming watching the safeties is the key to reading defenses, you really need to train your eyes into quickly watching all three’s first step in about half a second post snap. The key for me is the LB on that side, if he steps out he’s obviously in coverage. If the LB steps back he’s in a man or hook zone etc.

Get into the lab and experiment but every passing play should have a primary read, a secondary read which is predicated off the first read not being open and a check down just in case a blitz is coming.

(4) Offensive strategy…

for the rest of the article - click the link below:

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Re: How to Win More Games in Madden 13

Post by johnnylagz17 on Sat Oct 13, 2012 11:59 am

Here's a big tip every1 overlooks ( I mean great info bro seriously but I got 1 more) .

Act like a real NFL champion .. Don't panic when you're loosing , don't push for tds to pull ahead for an easy win when 1 pick can make this the worst game of your life instead of having a 14-0 lead you can lose.

I've come back in half my wins from an at least 2 TD deficit and won the game ...

Strategy , timing but also relax if you can't run or throw on some1 realize its not you and try again force it to work you will realize you couldn't throw bc they knew you weren't going to run so theyre in zone on that ,

Audibles and player movements help but I'm telling you when you panic you might as well just give up and just watch lol .


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