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Eagles Trade Block - Season 5 (Finley and DMC among others)

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Eagles Trade Block - Season 5 (Finley and DMC among others)

Post by phantomshark on Wed Feb 16, 2011 2:15 am

A lot of my team is available. This first group does not necessarily require a player back, picks will work, or they can be bundled with the next group in a package deal. If you need to revamp an offensive line in 1 shot, as many of the 6 offensive linemen here can go in 1 deal as you want:

Grant, Ryan, HB, 80
Tracy, Brandon, WR, 83
Daniels, Owen, TE, 88
Jackson, Zach, LT, 83
Roos, Michael, LT, 91
Garner, Nate, LG, 80
Gurode, Andre, C, 84
Myers, Aaron, C, 76
Neal, Stephen, RG, 83
Morgan, Derrick, RE, 88
Siler, Brandon, MLB, 83
Mathis, Rashean, CB, 87
Collins, Nick, FS, 87
Didier, Tag, FS, 71

The following I will definitely need players back, though they can be packaged with picks:

McFadden, Darren, HB, 84
Finley, Jermichael, TE, 90
Sitton, Josh, RG, 83
Alexander, Austin, LOLB, 71
Brackett, Gary, MLB, 81
Oliver, Paul, FS, 74

Main concern is a top notch WR or MLB, would also take an upgrade at nickel back or DT. I also need a LE, decent backup quality is good enough, so I can release my only LE.


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Re: Eagles Trade Block - Season 5 (Finley and DMC among others)

Post by mblammers on Wed Feb 16, 2011 10:14 am

check out the chiefs and let me know if you are interested in anyone in particular.

I'm interested in Finley and Mcfadden


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Re: Eagles Trade Block - Season 5 (Finley and DMC among others)

Post by Mjkight on Wed Feb 16, 2011 3:11 pm

interested in jermichael finley! hit me up 5735876840


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